About me

Since my early childhood, my interests led towards technology and programming in general. I wouldn’t say that I’ve focused on a specific programming language, because depending on my actual project/task, I might use a completely new language/technology at all.

Nevertheless, I’ve learnt the most by using C# and XAML, which are the main components for building apps for the Windows platform like the Windows app for wallabag, an open-source alternative to Pocket.

When you get to deal with app development, sooner or later you realize that design also plays an essential role. And that’s how it happened for me, so I had to deal intensively with the basic principles of reasonable UX/UI. And although I wouldn’t my design ideas as perfect, I think they’ve grown toward pretty solid.

If you’re interested to my ideas and minds, you can find some of them on Twitter and/or GitHub. And from time to time I’m also filling my blog.

Over and out, Julian